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can’t get enough craft books

When I was a wee crafter, one of my aunts always got me monster craft books for X-mas. I was in heaven reading those (they were from Britain, also) and I remember being SO SAD when I got to the end. Well, that feeling has been revived with sewing books, lately. I forgot I ordered […]

curtain disaster

I’d like to welcome you all to the crafty confessional.  What is dark, curtained, and manly in the Catholic world will be open, girly, and laden with mismade crafts in this blog.  You send me your pics, I post them, and at the end, the craft gods will absolve you.  You don’t even have to […]

yes, I want an owl on my wall.

like, right now, if you don’t mind.


Of the many quilting techniques I have not tried, appliqué is the most approachable to me.  I think it looks easier to cut out slightly imperfect shapes and sew them on top of things than cut 8 zillion triangles and sew them together in PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINES and then do something called “squaring.”  I don’t think it’s […]

freaking sweet to-do list excuse to buy more fabric reversible bag my old babysitter had a baby! went to a demo by this gal at the Urban Craft Uprising and she got me

enjoying the occasional success

A while back, I found two pairs of Lands End corduroy pants.  They were really, really soft.  They were my size and petite–a RARE FIND anywhere, much less a thrift shop.  So I had to buy them.  They only had one teeny, tiny little problem:  the waistband went up about 10 inches above where any […]

the ultimate

I know I only started this blog, but it is possible that I have experienced the ultimate mishap in crafting.  Well, let’s keep it to knitting:  witness, the ultimate mishap in knitting! I bought some nice Sugar ‘n Cream yarn and I knit something with it 3 or 4 times and ripped it out 3 […]