the ultimate

I know I only started this blog, but it is possible that I have experienced the ultimate mishap in crafting.  Well, let’s keep it to knitting:  witness, the ultimate mishap in knitting!

I bought some nice Sugar ‘n Cream yarn and I knit something with it 3 or 4 times and ripped it out 3 or 4 times.  It just looked ugly.  I was using the recommended needles (7) and it kept looking loose.  Of all the words I hate, “loose” is definitely one of them.  Anyway, I had finally jumped shark on all the fancy patterns I had bought in this cute little book with house-stuffs (aprons, trivets, place mats) and was trying a booooooring little washcloth.  I got halfway.

Then, I went to the park.  This was last week, when Seattle experienced its first sunshine in decades weeks.  (Yes, it’s July here, too.)  I was sick to the gills with a (cough, cough) cold.  But darned if I was going to miss that sun!  I feared I was turning into the girl in the story about Venus who misses the one day of sunshine that comes every 500 years.  So I tromped (uh, drove) down to the grassy “beach” by the sound with my buddy and laid out.  And wouldn’t you know, I was attacked by the sneezes.  I couldn’t stop.  No tissues!  No t-shirts!  No nothing!

So, I sneezed into my knitting.  And that was that.

I took it as a sign that Sugar ‘n Cream  and I weren’t meant to be.  “Maybe it’s that cheesy ‘n,” I told myself, “You’re just too cool.”  But

Canadians are better

5th time's a charm

tonight, after listening to 8 zillion crafty podcasts, I decided to try out the size 5 needles on this flipping sweet pattern (from Canada!  So obviously better!) and wouldn’t you know, it worked.  Which is lucky, because I bought about 5 balls of this stuff.

(For the record, I threw the other knitting away.  That’s just disgusting.)

So it just goes to show, if at first you have to sneeze…ok, that’s enough.


2 comments on “the ultimate

  1. omg! two things!

    1. you did it!
    2. what is that?

    i just subscribed to you by email. make me proud!

  2. 1. how could i not????
    2. it’s a dishrag, i think…but i’m not really sure yet. maybe it could function as a dishtowel, because dishrags start to smell…
    3. i’ll do my darndest!!

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