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enjoying the occasional success

A while back, I found two pairs of Lands End corduroy pants.  They were really, really soft.  They were my size and petite–a RARE FIND anywhere, much less a thrift shop.  So I had to buy them.  They only had one teeny, tiny little problem:  the waistband went up about 10 inches above where any normal person would wear them.  Moms of the 90s:  how did you do it?  Why did you do it?

I decided to try altering them.  Since this has often ended in tears (it is NOT easy to turn a pair of pants into a skirt, NO MATTER WHAT Girl’s Life says), I decided I would try going very, very slowly.  As in, planning before ripping out seams, using pins, ironing.

Well, it worked.  The waistband came down and the backside looked as if it had been tailored for mine.  Preen, preen.  But when I put them on, the straight, tapered legs laughed at me.  They still looked a little bit incredibly nerdy, and pushed the rest of the pants into ridiculous.  Ah, well, I thought, maybe someday I’ll want to look like a semi-stylish kindergarten teacher.

But the pants were really just waiting for a sunny day!  I woke up  yesterday and thought, capris!  That’s it!  So I chopped off the taper,

Cropped and altered corduroys

go good weather

sewed around the edges, and voila!  The pants were nerdy no more.

Too bad I threw away the other pair in a fit of bad-weather pique!


One comment on “enjoying the occasional success

  1. Send me an address and Princess Leah is all yours

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