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Of the many quilting techniques I have not tried, appliqué is the most approachable to me.  I think it looks easier to cut out slightly imperfect shapes and sew them on top of things than cut 8 zillion triangles and sew them together in PERFECTLY STRAIGHT LINES and then do something called “squaring.”  I don’t think it’s in me to square things, but who knows.  Stranger things have come to pass.  For instance, one weekend I read every tutorial on the purl bee.  It inspired me to try this one.

This is the goal:

This is the outcome:

my reverse applique place mat.  the edges are the wrong side of the fabric that peeks through the top layer.

reverse reverse

I got to the edges, and that’s when I figured out what makes the bright-colored fabric important enough to get a mention in the title of the original tutorial.  It’s freaking double-sided.  You can’t make a nice edge out of a normal piece of fabric, because when you go to wrap it around, instead of bright pink or yellow or what have you, you get dull, faded, WRONG SIDE of what have you.  On my place mat, the edges fade into the lame carpet like they’re embarrassed to be seen.  On the purl bee place mat, the edges pop.  They’re the popular girls at the 6th grade dance to my wallflowers.  Sulk.  Sulk.  Sulk.

At first I thought it was salvageable, but the more I tried to look at it from a different angle, the clearer it became to me that this is my stupidity manifest.  In fact, I think my opinion of myself has gotten higher since I hid it under some books when friends came over.  Once, a fortune teller told me that I should really think things through in 2010 because it was possible for me to make many serious mistakes before 2011.  HOW RIGHT HE WAS.


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