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full-time crafting (+ planner)

I quit my job ~10 days before I actually have to leave, so I am now officially a full-time crafter. Yesterday saw a shirt-dress‘s birth and the beginnings of cake pops. Today is going to be a little hemming action and more cake pops. I’m going to have to go to Michael’s because they don’t sell pop sticks at the dollar store…sigh. It’s a tough life.

I think crafts are possibly the solution to unemployment. Maybe if I had done some more crafts during my unemployment stint in September (that one was unintentional, mostly), I wouldn’t have gotten so bummed. Or maybe that was the Grey’s Anatomy marathons… At any rate, crafting is a great way to feel productive without getting stressed. It’s like the actuarial world, minus the great pay: no deadlines, just lots of long-term research.

I’m trying to make a little craft schedule where I could fill in the projects I’m working on so that I get them done in order, before birthdays and X-mas and events where I need to wear dresses.  My most harrowing misadventures have been hemming a dress the day it’s due to be worn, trying it on and gasping utter horror.  It’s REALLY HARD to tell from the envelope if it’s going to look good or not.  There’s a lot of trial and error to be done before you can start getting it right the first time, and sometimes, you still don’t.

There’s a bit more trial and error to be done before this little schedule is useful, but here it is, in case you’d like to try it.  Suggestions and modifications welcome.  It’d be really cool if you could split cells, Google docs!


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