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I am not one.   At least, not on paper.   Yet I really, really like paper planners.  I just got a red Moleskin planner (I’m a sucker for that company, and if I get a million dollars, I will buy a shelf of them to stock my personal Anthropologie store [which I will be living in, because I’ll be a freaking millionaire, and millionaires do what they want]).  And I found this adorable planner for when you want to be cute while you’re planning.  I mean, I know from past experience that these things are virtually useless.  But I just can’t help myself.  I opened that Moleskin planner, saw the stickers, and swooned.  Stickers!  In a professional planner!  How sweet!

Maybe I think the pure fun of paper planning would be spoiled if I actually planned.  All those gorgeous white pages written on, probably full of mistakes, definitely in somewhat sloppy handwriting, marring my beautiful, beautiful planner.  Ugh.  This is the same reason I have eleventy billion notebooks with only the first page used.  The first page is so PRETTY, and then I touch it and what do you know, I have to erase it and start over.  It’s never good enough.

This might be why online planning appeals.  Google tasks is so neat, and Google calendar looks snappy.  Spreadsheets can be color-coded with a click.   I always wanted to color code but never had the time, or the OCD.  Perfetto.

Ok, but I still bought this planner.  It’s in hopes that as I transition to a bouncing-around-all-over-the-place grad student, I will no longer be glued to my computer.  I also plan to get over the “I can’t write pretty” fear, since, uh, I’m going to school for writing.  And finally, I have this image of me making an appointment with someone Very Important–maybe an editor, or my advisor, or Jamie Oliver–and I whip out my planner and say, “How’s Wednesday?”  And they can’t help but be jealous of my ADORABLE planner.  This is the stuff of fantasy, kids.  Jamie Oliver lusting for my planner.

I mean, as far as guilty pleasures go, buying nice-looking planners ain’t too bad.  You can only buy one a year anyway!


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