cake pops

Let’s say you’re new to the whole “cupcake” scene and you’re looking for a project to get your feet wet and feel good about decorating things that taste sweet.  Here’s my advice, newbie:  do NOT try cake pops.  It’s like lacing up your Chuck Taylors and hopping onto the court with Larry Bird (I like to use what sports references I can, because you know, I’ve only got about 5 up my sleeve, across all sports).  You’re just going to embarrass yourself.  You’re just going to get…

attempt at wedding cake pops and regular cake pops

why did i immortalize this

Not really sure how Bakerella does it, but that’s why she’s writing a book and I’m just eating ugly cake pops:

a half-eaten cake pop with sprinkles

it tastes good, if you like eating sugar and butter and sugar and butter.

Ahh, well, life could be worse, now couldn’t it.


5 comments on “cake pops

  1. I love you. And I would eat those.

  2. I can’t remember how I got here, but I’m never leaving.

  3. Wait, never mind, I got here from Katie Coyle’s tumblr. Deeeerr.

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