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bottle cap genius

I have found that the crafts that work are the ones that are simplest.  This might be because I have the patience of a kindergartener.  I remember, actually, reading through recipes as a wee baker and going “Gaah!” at all the ones that required rising or baking for more than 30 minutes.

The bottle cap magnet experiment began with a totally SWEET idea–those neat-o, resin-filled caps with a little picture in the bottom.  I may have mentioned this before, but after meticulously printing, choosing, and cutting sweet little pics and gluing them to the bottom of the cap, I failed to use measuring cups to put the two resin parts together–they come in a set, like this–and, well, those suckers never set.  It was a sticky, goopy mess that sat on the rug for oh, a week, before I tearfully threw them out.  Luckily, we had plenty bottle caps (weekly beer tastings–try it with your loved ones!  Or your acquaintances!) so I flipped my idea and glued the magnet inside.  Magnet success!

So, here is a tutorial for all of you would-be magnet makers who also simply do not have the time to get out measuring cups.

1.  Assemble materials: E-6000 glue, bottle caps, and magnets.

E-6000 glue, bottle caps, and magnets:  all the supplies you need to make bottle cap magnets

get thee to Michaels

2.  Put a drop of glue into the bottom of a cap.  Add magnet.  Press.

3.  Let dry for 1 night.  (PATIENCE!  Think of that episode of Family Guy where Stewie and Brian get

magnets holding up things on the fridge, including a business card for someone in the CIA


glued together.)

4.  Apply to refrigerator.


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