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too many pretty things

I really like www.oneprettything.com but because of my transient and extremely busy state, I just feel bitter and jealous looking at all the crafts out there.  Lately, I get a certain satisfaction out of the crafts that are, say, spray-painted bowling balls covered in small plastic frogs apparently for your garden, that people make and make me say, “Really?”  Because while I am not able to spend my time producing awesome things, I am also prevented from making really weird things.  And I think if you craft too much, you end up thinking, hmm, know what my garden could use?  A bowling ball covered with plastic frogs.  I know, because when I sew too much, I start getting “ooh baby” over quilted backpacks.  It’s like a condition:  over-crafting.

Of course, right now I’m under-crafting, which I think is leading to over-shopping (I NEED furniture, ok?  And the chocolate outlet just happens to be next door!  Also the AE outlet!  Also Gap!).  One day, it’ll even out.  Til then, I’ma hit the thrift shops…


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