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once again, the internet shocks and amazes

I was going to be a peacock today: My guess is the peacock vendor couldn’t chase down his peacock fast enough to get 12 to send to me for a ridiculously low price. Advertisements

nature-themed house ii

acorns leaves more leaves deer

google can do this? It’s actually doing my research FOR me.

waxing lyrical ii

This past weekend I was taken on a surprise trip by my buddy and it included… I am a newly converted Charles LeDray FAN.  Not only because his last name is complicated, just like mine.  His job is making miniature things like clothing and pottery.  And he’s really good at it.  Really really good.  He […]

this link deserves its own post

That’s what she said and crafting.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! GENIUS!

why do I diy?

Scoutie Girl wants to know and I want to tell her: I do it myself because I like saying, “Thanks, I made it myself!”  Actually, that’s a line from a Singer sewing book published in the 70s that I found after my great-grandma died, and it had a little note in it from my great-grandma […]

greenish thumb

I stumbled upon this while browsing good ol’ Amazon and thought, my, that’s ridiculously expensive for a miniature vegetable garden.  Of course, it is sexy, but since when do I pay for that?  So, I decided to design one myself.  Future indoor herb garden, you are mine: