own it, DS

Danielle Steel says she’s not a romance novelist. As the former president of the Trash Novel Fan Club (I’M owning it), I have to say, that’s a lie.  What’s wrong with a romance novel?  Seriously, guys.  They can be well-researched, well-crafted, well-written.  Just like thrillers can be excellent novels (John Grisham?).

Let’s call this a misadventure in feminism.  If you’re girly, be girly.  I like to read romance novels and I LOVE to read chicklit and I am in grad school for Serious Writing.  So, like, whatever, guys.  I’m just going to go back to sewing now because this is starting to sound mighty defensive.

Sophie Kinsella in the ladybug dress

My heroine.


2 comments on “own it, DS

  1. I agree with all of the above. Also, as a fellow Serious Writing Student, I really wish that these were the kinds of conversations we had in class. Instead this weekend to a group of peers, I compared a beloved professor’s leaving our program without telling any of us to Dumbledore dying in the 6th Harry Potter book and every looked like they wanted to kill me.

    • Clearly, they don’t recognize the importance of Dumbledore. I guess that’s ok, since JK is a millionaire. But wouldn’t it be nice to get some respect for, you know, appealing to zillions.

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