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nature-themed house

I have been picking up little thingies for my new apartment and the rule so far has been “anything I cannot stop looking at” and costs less than $10.  I’ve discovered that this leads to a lot of blue floral patterns (I am my mother’s daughter in this regard) and nature-themed stuff.  It makes me feel like I live in Anthropologie, which is a long-term goal of mine.  Here are a few links to items that fit the bill, because crafting is cheap!

  • Birch bulletin board:  oh, my God.
  • Leaf coasters:  to complement my collection of beer coasters stolen from various establishments.
  • Knit birdies:  can’t get enough fluffy birds in my life.
  • Bird wall art:  maybe with paint instead of black marker, but then again, I do love to color.
  • Ribbon wreath:  green instead of black, and it’ll look leafy, right?

knit birdies outside


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