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God knows I love Xmas.  I start listening to carols on Nov. 1 and if I could get into it, I would make presents year round (no, I wouldn’t.  I have never planned that far ahead in my life).  Here is a smattering of quality gift links: an awesome free xmas ebook garland and I […]

holy sh*t, germany

why are you so awesome?

who doesn’t love xmas cards

Or holiday cards, if you will.  I will.  I love them all, especially these. And these. And this mostly unrelated bird print.  I would also love it in card form.  Someone please make this for me; I do not have a letter press.  I don’t even actually really know what a letter press is.  Or […]

ikea bags are awesome

I’m all about the reusable bags (except when I need trash bags…sorry, Earth.  do they make reusable trash bags?  does anyone have a solution to this problem yet?).  They look cool, they’re easy to lug up the stairs to my apartment, and they don’t make that nasty plastic bag sound when you put them away. […]


Occasionally (my GOD is that word hard to spell), I finish projects.  And then, when luck smiles upon me, I find a matching sugar bowl and cream pitcher for $1 at a garage sale to put on top of my finished project: The ballband pattern of the dishcloth comes from here.  It is incredibly easy.

craft storage ii

So, I still have a craft room, but it turns out I’m a bum/slob and can’t get up the energy to…buy shelves.  Thus, I give you craft closet: I was inspired to gather all of my supplies sans shelves after watching No-Impact Man, which is an inspiring documentary about how you should never buy anything […]

thank you

So, I got some bday cards and whatnot and I thought, let’s make a thank-you note.  Just one, because it’s not like my grandparents are going to compare notes! I have a Klutz card-making set (I am not going to tell you my age at purchase) and it includes a pattern for an envelope, so […]