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ikea bags are awesome

big blue bag from Ikea full of my laundry

how do you like that napkin, huh?

I’m all about the reusable bags (except when I need trash bags…sorry, Earth.  do they make reusable trash bags?  does anyone have a solution to this problem yet?).  They look cool, they’re easy to lug up the stairs to my apartment, and they don’t make that nasty plastic bag sound when you put them away.  But lately, I’m all about the reusable Ikea bag, gotten on a whim on my trip to Ikea, where I got many, many things on a whim (THEY WERE SO CHEAP).  It has solved my dirty laundry problem:  where do you put the clean laundry when you’re getting it out of the dryer if you don’t want to put it in the dirty laundry bag?  (Some might say, another laundry bag.  To those people I say, You are boring.)

It’s also useful for carrying down loads of cardboard (if, say, you’ve bought a ton of boxed furniture at Ikea).  Also good for REALLY big grocery store runs.  Or if you ever need to carry a child (JUST KIDDING.  please don’t put your or anyone else’s child in this bag).


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