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and now back to our regularly scheduled program

Bonjour, internet!  That hiatus turned out to be longer than expected.  Great news, crafting is back in full force!

People get snowed in in Iceland all the time

This happens all the time in Iceland

For starters, here are some crafty ideas in case you’re snowed in and going stir crazy:

  • Remember polymer clay?  Make miniature thingies.  I bet you still have that Klutz book… If not, dig up some other old craft kit you have lying around from 5th grade (latch hook rug, anyone?).
  • Make something with all those oranges your relatives in FL sent you.  How about orange salad?
  • Read a book, read a book, read a….book.
  • Plan a menu for a future dinner party.
  • Go x-c skiing.  Alternatively, stomp around in the snow.  This is good for when the walls start to close in.

In fact, I did all these things.  And when I get back to my camera I will give you all the dets.  Until then, stay warm!

Photo courtesy of E01.  Thank you, Flickr!


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