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how to be snowed in, part 1

Polymer clay should really be resurrected.  It’s fun to make miniature stuff, right?  And then you can put little tchochkes all over your apartment for your roommates to find.

miniature fish with big eyeballs

don't you love blowfish?

Here’s how to make a blowfish:

1.  Roll a small round ball of clay.

2.  Make wings/flippers by pinching a teardrop shape.  Attach one to each side.

3.  Make a blowhole mouth:  a tiny ring of clay, or a flattened circle with a hole poked with a toothpick.  Attach to the front of the body.

4.  Make eyeballs:  flatten 2 small white circles and add two small black dots.  Adhere above mouth.

5.  Add a tail.  This one came out looking a little birdlike, so I’ll leave you on your own for that one.

6.  Bake on tinfoil at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  WATCH CAREFULLY.  If it starts smelling like toasted plastic, take it out.

After the fish, there was an adventure in miniature food:

Posing with fish, we have ice pops, ice cream sandwich, and s’more.  Nothing like imagining a cookout as you sit on your living room floor

ice pops, a s'more, and an ice cream sandwich


watching the street not get plowed.

To make the ice cream sandwich and s’more:

1.  Flatten two rectangles of brown, flavored to taste.

2.  Flatten a rectangle of white for ice cream, and two smaller rectangles of white for marshmallows.

2.5.  Flatten a square of chocolate for the s’more.

3.  Adhere in sandwich order.  Score the graham cracker to look like a graham cracker with toothpick.  Do the same for the ice cream sandwich.  This step is important.  Otherwise, your sandwiches will look like little dull brown rectangles.

4.  Bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes.  Mine started burning at 7.

For the ice pops, break a toothpick in half and roll some swirled clay around them.  For these, I used orange, pink and white.  Stick together and bake with the other miniature food.

I got all of these fannntastic food-making ideas courtesy of this Klutz book.  Side note:  if Klutz ever offers me a job, I will take it.


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