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snowed in again

When it looks like this out,

snowy trail between two rows of trees leaning towards each other, a la tower of Pisa

I feel obligated to stay inside, watch endless episodes of Friends, and make things.  Or, as the case may be, hang things:

fabric framed in square black frames over the brown couch littered with tools and a measuring tape

I bought 20 (yes, 20–it was a good deal!  And I had a friend haggling for me) batik prints while I was in Malaysia and 2 (only two–I’m scared of haggling  alone) pillowcases in India.  Only a week or two…well, maybe a month ago, I found t-shirt frames at Michael’s on sale–$5 apiece!  For $20 and a few Asian bucks, you, too, can have sweet wall decor.

side angle view of framed fabric.  pink pillowcase in front, green and blue batik follow.

The best part is that the fabric isn’t cut–all I did was fold it to fit the frame.  Since the pillowcases were thin, I pressed an extra folded-up batik print behind each one.  Decor and storage?  Who knew? (Answer: everyone at Real Simple magazine.)

I’m in love with batik, which is print made by designing with wax, painting in the white spaces left over, and washing off the wax.  Of course, when you have gorgeous batik prints with multiple colors, it’s more complicated than that (or, it’s just printed on with a giant printer somewhere).  Batik is an Indonesian thing, but old women (and weird travelers like me) wear it all the time in Malaysia.  The prints come sewn into a tube and you wrap it around and tuck it in like a skirt sarong.

It’s very comfortable in thousand-degree weather.


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