men’s pants

Know what is remarkably hard to find in life?  Men’s pants patterns (that aren’t tuxedo pants). The paucity of patterns out there leads me to the following possibilities:

1.  Men don’t sew their own pants.

2.  Women don’t sew their men pants.

3. No one has sewn pants since this pattern came out in approx. 1993:

4.  Men don’t wear pants.

None of the above makes any sense to me.  Women knit men articles of clothing all the time because if you are a knitter with a man-friend, you naturally want to knit him something so that he can measure your love for him in inches of hand-knit fabric.  Thus, if you are a sewer and you have a man-friend, don’t you want to sew him something so that he can measure your love for him in machine-stitched articles of clothing?  And since men don’t like stuffed animals, potholders, or other adorable and easy-to-gift sewing projects, aren’t pants the natural choice?  Because shirts are hard.  Shirts are really really hard.  I’ve been sewing for twelve years now, and I’ve never made a shirt successfully.

Anyway, despite the obstacle of not having a pattern, I made AQ some pants for Xmas (because I said Hey, I could sew you something and he said, as is only natural, How about pants?).  I did it by taking apart a pair of Goodwill-gotten khaki pants, also manufactured ca. 1993 but somehow more appealing than buying the Kwik Sew pattern above for $12 plus shipping.

Here are some shots:

wide-wale corduroy pants' buttonhole

baptism of the buttonholer on my sewing machine. it was awesome.

buttoned wide-wale corduroy pants

it was awesome because it worked.

side view of pockets of wide-wale corduroy pants, showing white and blue plaid lining peeking through

i’m ridiculously proud of these pockets. fabric courtesy of Simple Savvy (see sidebar)

cuff of pants on blue print flowered ironing board

a creative cuff was required. actually, that was Simple Savvy’s idea. she’s so clever.

The hardest part BY FAR was sewing an honest-to-goodness fly.  Now, it wasn’t as tricky as making a shirt collar (have I mentioned?  SHIRTS ARE HARD) but it was pretty durn complicated without a freaking pattern.  So I ask you, Simplicity, New Look, Butterick, or heck, INDEPENDENT SEWING PATTERN DESIGNERS, will you please make a men’s pants pattern?


2 comments on “men’s pants

  1. Dude. You sewed some pants. I am consistently in awe of you.

  2. CoyleKat, you make me heart swell with sea-going pride. Err..something like that.

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