8 degrees

You know when it gets to be so cold that you put on tights, a dress, a giant sweatshirt, a jacket, fuzzy socks, boots, a hat, and gloves, and you don’t even CARE that you look like a maniac? That’s the point I reached yesterday. The next theme is going to be THINGS THAT KEEP […]

you straight up just blew dust in my eye


I will not wax lyrical, simply say that having tea only leads to DISCONTENT in the HOUSEHOLD. Thank you to jaxpix on Flickr for the original sketch.

men’s pants

Know what is remarkably hard to find in life?  Men’s pants patterns (that aren’t tuxedo pants). The paucity of patterns out there leads me to the following possibilities: 1.  Men don’t sew their own pants. 2.  Women don’t sew their men pants. 3. No one has sewn pants since this pattern came out in approx. 1993: […]

snowed in again

When it looks like this out, I feel obligated to stay inside, watch endless episodes of Friends, and make things.  Or, as the case may be, hang things: I bought 20 (yes, 20–it was a good deal!  And I had a friend haggling for me) batik prints while I was in Malaysia and 2 (only […]

go green

Freaking genius!  A re-usable Swiffer cover!

how to be snowed in, part 4: or, how to plan a menu for a cocktail party

I realize that many moons ago I said I’d planned a menu for a dinner party.  That was a bald-faced lie; I planned a menu for a cocktail party.  And, it turned out pretty good.  I had never cooked all day for a party before and I wanted to try it; the results were not […]