live free or die


I will not wax lyrical, simply say that having tea only leads to DISCONTENT in the HOUSEHOLD. Thank you to jaxpix on Flickr for the original sketch. Advertisements

snowed in again

When it looks like this out, I feel obligated to stay inside, watch endless episodes of Friends, and make things.  Or, as the case may be, hang things: I bought 20 (yes, 20–it was a good deal!  And I had a friend haggling for me) batik prints while I was in Malaysia and 2 (only […]

and now back to our regularly scheduled program

Bonjour, internet!  That hiatus turned out to be longer than expected.  Great news, crafting is back in full force! For starters, here are some crafty ideas in case you’re snowed in and going stir crazy: Remember polymer clay?  Make miniature thingies.  I bet you still have that Klutz book… If not, dig up some other […]

waxing lyrical ii

This past weekend I was taken on a surprise trip by my buddy and it included… I am a newly converted Charles LeDray FAN.  Not only because his last name is complicated, just like mine.  His job is making miniature things like clothing and pottery.  And he’s really good at it.  Really really good.  He […]

why do I diy?

Scoutie Girl wants to know and I want to tell her: I do it myself because I like saying, “Thanks, I made it myself!”  Actually, that’s a line from a Singer sewing book published in the 70s that I found after my great-grandma died, and it had a little note in it from my great-grandma […]

own it, DS

Danielle Steel says she’s not a romance novelist. As the former president of the Trash Novel Fan Club (I’M owning it), I have to say, that’s a lie.  What’s wrong with a romance novel?  Seriously, guys.  They can be well-researched, well-crafted, well-written.  Just like thrillers can be excellent novels (John Grisham?). Let’s call this a […]