men’s pants

Know what is remarkably hard to find in life?  Men’s pants patterns (that aren’t tuxedo pants). The paucity of patterns out there leads me to the following possibilities: 1.  Men don’t sew their own pants. 2.  Women don’t sew their men pants. 3. No one has sewn pants since this pattern came out in approx. 1993: […]

snowed in again

When it looks like this out, I feel obligated to stay inside, watch endless episodes of Friends, and make things.  Or, as the case may be, hang things: I bought 20 (yes, 20–it was a good deal!  And I had a friend haggling for me) batik prints while I was in Malaysia and 2 (only […]

how to be snowed in, part 1

Polymer clay should really be resurrected.  It’s fun to make miniature stuff, right?  And then you can put little tchochkes all over your apartment for your roommates to find. Here’s how to make a blowfish: 1.  Roll a small round ball of clay. 2.  Make wings/flippers by pinching a teardrop shape.  Attach one to each […]

and now back to our regularly scheduled program

Bonjour, internet!  That hiatus turned out to be longer than expected.  Great news, crafting is back in full force! For starters, here are some crafty ideas in case you’re snowed in and going stir crazy: Remember polymer clay?  Make miniature thingies.  I bet you still have that Klutz book… If not, dig up some other […]


Occasionally (my GOD is that word hard to spell), I finish projects.  And then, when luck smiles upon me, I find a matching sugar bowl and cream pitcher for $1 at a garage sale to put on top of my finished project: The ballband pattern of the dishcloth comes from here.  It is incredibly easy.

thank you

So, I got some bday cards and whatnot and I thought, let’s make a thank-you note.  Just one, because it’s not like my grandparents are going to compare notes! I have a Klutz card-making set (I am not going to tell you my age at purchase) and it includes a pattern for an envelope, so […]

greenish thumb

I stumbled upon this while browsing good ol’ Amazon and thought, my, that’s ridiculously expensive for a miniature vegetable garden.  Of course, it is sexy, but since when do I pay for that?  So, I decided to design one myself.  Future indoor herb garden, you are mine: