8 degrees

You know when it gets to be so cold that you put on tights, a dress, a giant sweatshirt, a jacket, fuzzy socks, boots, a hat, and gloves, and you don’t even CARE that you look like a maniac? That’s the point I reached yesterday. The next theme is going to be THINGS THAT KEEP […]

it’s been a long road…

…and it’s not over yet, but GET THIS:  I have my own internet.  That’s right, boys and girls, no more stealing from “linksys” (bless you, linksys).  Now I can watch Netflix from anywhere in the house.  Yes, I got Netflix before I got internet.  In fact, I got Netflix before I got a mattress.  I’ve […]


My first piece of furniture was a sewing table and I AM NOT ASHAMED.  Sewing tables are freaking sweet, like this one by Stephen Nichols:

too many pretty things

I really like http://www.oneprettything.com but because of my transient and extremely busy state, I just feel bitter and jealous looking at all the crafts out there.  Lately, I get a certain satisfaction out of the crafts that are, say, spray-painted bowling balls covered in small plastic frogs apparently for your garden, that people make and […]

i am so into this skirt

http://www.dana-made-it.com/2008/07/tutorial-summer-skirt-with-deep-pockets.html If it’s possible, I’d like everyone to wear these kinds of skirts until skirt suits and ugly dress pants are obsolete.

no crafts for you

When you are trying to find a new apartment, you can’t do crafts.  That’s what the rules are.  You have to eat, sleep, and find an apartment.  So no more misadventures until a lease gets signed. PS:  Apartment hunting sucks.

lifestyles of the rich and famous

Here’s a new decor idea:  buy fancy soap, so you can feel rich without being rich.  Because you’re going to WASH with it, and it’s the most BEAUTIFUL bird you ever saw.  Also, reminds me of when we watched Clash of the Titans in 9th grade.  (Shout out to Katie Coyle!)  No, seriously, this is […]